Orvidai Homestead located in Salantai Regional Park near Salantai township invites all seeking quietness and a possibility to enjoy leisure time under nature’s wing.

Standing aloof from the main part of the open – air Museum founded by Vilius Orvidas, for the convenience and recreation of the visitors’ there is a Guest House. Rooms on the second floor have WC and showers and are ment for renting, in order to support financially the maintenance of the Museum and preserve Vilius Orvidas’ creative heritage.

Women and children might observe the life of birds and small animals that love the grounds of the Homestead, especially at dusk, swings on the swing, to play volleyball or football.
Rooms and environs of the Homestead are well prepared both to one – day – tourists and those wishing to stay longer. To keep men entertained, fishing and catching crawfish in the Museum’s ponds or in the nearby running Salanta river can be suggested, Plateliai lake is one more choice.
The Homestead is home to a considerable number of creatures, such as: martens and polecats, ermines and rabbits, hedgehogs and even roe – deer grazing in the nearby fields. Storks are circling in the sky trying to catch a frog or two that arrange concerts in the pools.
So, you can be sure of an incredibly warm welcome and activities to keep you and the children interested and amused during your stay at the recreation premises.

Payment. Making a reservation guests have to pay 30% rent in advance. For not coming in time, pre – payment is not refunded. After checking – in guests have to pay the rest of the money. In case of leaving before the stated time the money is not refunded. For additional services guests pay right away.

Safety. Having checked – in, please, keep to general rules of behavior in and out the apartments. We kindly ask you to use the electrical appliances with caution, follow safety rules against fire, take full responsibility for yourselves, children and personal belongings. Never leave your children unattended, especially close to the bodies of water.

Pets. Pets are admitted to the rooms only if it is agreed in advance.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption. Smoking in the rooms is strictly forbidden. We kindly ask you to smoke only in the specially prepared places. Moderate consumption of liquor is allowed.

Other Requirements. Please, do not carry the furniture outside or rearrange the inventory in any way. Fire can be made only in special places and places for grill. Never leave fire unattended.

Checking – out. Before checking- out any material damage has to be compensated.

For making a reservation, please contact: +370 688 16207,